L&A, Inc. Virtual Office Coordinating Services Department (a.k.a L&A, Inc. VOC) will provide virtual   
office support services in the capacity of an "Administrator, Project Administrator and/or  Data Entry
Clerk" on contractual basis connecting with a reliable/secured wireless network.  As being a small
business owner your main focus is primarily on the "nature of the business"  NOT on tedious office
tasks that will keep you and the marketing/sales team from what's really important, that is
providing the services your clients came to your business to do.

Now with the increase usage of technology, small to large businesses are heavily connected in the
"electronic" realm which allows abundance of various types of services such as email accounts,
storage of files - the Cloud, accounting services-online billing/time management and
telecommunications data systems.  Why not
Give Us A Try?  L&A, Inc. VOC services is a
trustworthy, reliable and diligent in working above and beyond for the business in keeping the
daily operations running efficiently and stretch forward to success.  To begin on this path to
success, please click on the images below that describe three major features L&A, Inc. VOC
services will perform for the business ON & OFF Client Site:
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