LaVonne & Associates, Incorporated was incorporated at the end of year 2000.
LaVonne & Associates, Inc. Business/Virtual Office Coordinating Services
L&A, Inc. BOC/VOC) has the experience and professionalism to provide
home office/small businesses with all the needs of office coordinator duties   
ON & OFF Client Site!  

About the owner:

Michelle Martin has 20 years of years experience in the Office Environment/Facility
Management industry. Along with her current/past experiences and capabilities
she will be able to successfully assist your company in accomplishing its current
and projected operational goals.

Having the experience of working in the capacity as a Receptionist
to a Office/Facility Coordinator you will be worry free of what to
expect when it comes to whatever needs you have concerning your
office operations virtually.  Michelle takes extreme enjoyment in handling
new and existing challenges in running an office physically and virtually.

Most importantly, Michelle is experienced in consulting you in all aspects in
running the office efficiently without you or the employees having to spend to
much time away from the nature of the business they were hired to do.  
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